Blueberry exploded in popularity in early 2000's, after it won the Cannabis Cup for the best Indica strain. This fruity flower permeates blue tones and has a hint of blueberry flavours all exploding from voluptuous nugs that flourish both indoors and outdoors.

Blueberry (Feminized)

  • Origin: Afghan Landrace x Thai Sativa x Purple Thai
    Plant Type: Indica (80%)
    Flowering Time: 8 to 10 weeks
    Yield: Indoors:+/- 200g/m2 Outdoors: +/- 400g/m2
    THC: 16%
    Taste: Smooth, Blueberry
    Effect: Euphoric, Sedative, Sleepiness,
    Medical: Appetite, Insomnia, Anxiety, Pain