Cheese cannabis strains originate from back in the late 1980’s, but firstly it takes us back to the origin of Skunk #1. Dave Watson (a.k.a. Sam the Skunkman) from California was the first to cultivate and breed with Skunk #1. After his success, in 1988 he moved to The Netherlands as the DEA were hot on his trail. Sam’s Skunk #1 grew quickly across Europe (especially in The Netherlands), mainly because of its strength, quick flowering time, and massive yields. The only problem was the fact that its odour attracted a lot of unwanted attention. Sam worked his Skunk #1 to breed out this intense odour. The seeds he was producing would be grown from different Skunk parents, meaning he would create different variations of phenotypes. A grower in South East England noticed something strange about one of his Skunk #1 plants. Unlike any of the other Skunk plants he had grown, this plant produced a very different sour odour. When it was harvested it had huge dense buds. The grower who back then cloned this strain immediately, still remains unnamed today. In 1995, this new phenotype of Skunk #1 came past the hands of Exodus (A small alternative community situated just outside London). It was made available in seed form for the first time, after Exodus finally cultivated and bred this strain. The strain was called Exodus Cheese and began to grow rapidly across the UK. This is generally a hybrid at about 50% but the feeling is more Indica-dominant (heavy body stoned, good for aches and pains) leaving you feeling numb, but still able to elevate your mood and spark creativity. This strain became a favourite choice all across the world, thanks to its intense pungent odour, phenomenal yields, and its strong resilience in harsh climates.

Cheese (Regular)

  • Origin: Extra Sour Skunk #1 pheno (UK)

    Sex: Male or Female (50%)

    Plant Type: Hybrid (50%)

    Flowering Time: 8 weeks

    Yield: Indoors:+/- 500g/m2 Outdoors: +/- 800g/m2

    THC: 15 to 20%

    Taste: Pungent, Sour, Cheesy with a hint of Berries

    Effect: Powerful, Euphoric and Relaxing

    Medical: Pain Relief, Aids Stress, Appetite, and Insomnia.